"I clicked the "Reserve Now" button and requested a booking.  Now what?"

The rest is up to us!  We will send an email with a link for a "New Client Application" for you to fill out if there is availability for the dates you requested.  Once this application is completed, we will approve the booking request and send a confirmation email to make it official!


"How does the transportation work?"

A few days prior to your pick up/drop off date, we will contact you to find out your availability and schedule a time that works for the both of us.  We will typically provide you with a 60 minute window so you will have a good idea of when we will arrive. When giving your availability, please provide as much time as possible as we will generally be transporting multiple pets at one time and it makes it a lot easier to schedule if we have a lot of time to work with. Transportation is $20/stay. There is no additional charge for more than one pet in the same household.

Hours of transport are 9am-7pm, 7 days a week.   If you need transport before or after those times, it may be best to schedule an additional day of boarding. 


"My dog has medical issues and I'm worried that...  What happens if my pet gets injured?...etc..."

Don't worry.  Rebecca is a seasoned vet tech with over 15 years of experience handling medications and treating animals.  Our relationship with our local vet clinic (Crocker Animal Hospital in Franklin, KY) and area emergency clinics allow us to be able to properly care for your pet 24hrs a day in case of an emergency. Your pet's safety is our number one concern, and we will do everything possible to make sure they get immediate treatment they need.


"What do I need to pack?"

The most important is food and medications, although you are welcome to pack whatever you like.  Most clients send food, meds and favorite treats.  We have tons of beds, bones, treats, and toys to keep your pet happy.

If your pet has medications, please write out instructions on when to give and dosage. 

Please only pack enough food for your pet's stay. We have limited room in our transport vehicle, so please no bulky food containers. We change out and wash food and water bowls daily, so no need to pack your own. 


"Does my dog have to play with other dogs?"

Certainly not! We only provide socialization with other dogs if you approve. Our number one priority is the happiness and safety of our furry guests. Socialization is with only 1-2 other dogs at a time in our home or doggie playroom and is fully supervised.  


"How do I pay?" 

We will send you an invoice via email a day or so before your dog goes home. You can use the link in the invoice to pay online with a credit card or you can pay with cash or check when your dog goes home. If paying with a check, please make it out to The Treat Retreat. 


"Will my dog remember me when he comes home?" 

Of course! Your dog will have a wonderful time at The Treat Retreat, but will be excited to see you when he comes home. 


"What is the daily routine?"

Each morning, generally around 7am, Rebecca leash-walks the dogs to go potty. After walks are completed, everyone is fed in their crates to ensure that there is no stealing or fighting over food. Once everyone is fed, Rebecca begins rotating dogs out for walks, playtime alone or with other dogs, or couch cuddling. All play is supervised in the living room or outdoor play yard. Play with other dogs is optional. Between 1 and 2pm, everyone gets to go outside to potty again. Lunch is served to anyone needing a third meal, then playtime resumes. Everyone is fed generally between 6 and 7pm and there is a final walk between 9 and 10pm. Everyone is walked before each playtime to ensure that each dog gets plenty of potty breaks outside of the three set breaks each day. 


Other things to consider...

-If your pet tends to get car sick, please refrain from feeding a couple of hours prior to the car ride. 

-Remind us at pickup if there are any issues regarding health, behavioral, or personal safety.  We like to be safe and thorough.