• Dogs staying with at The Treat Retreat are treated as if they were our own.  They are kept inside the home, not in a facility. We have fluffy beds, a playroom with an overflowing toy box, KONGS stuffed with peanut butter, toys designed for enrichment, trails to walk on, and pups can cuddle on the couch with us! Check out our About Us and FAQ pages to learn more about us!

  • Walks, playtime, treats, one-on-one snuggle time and more are all included in your pet’s stay! We believe EVERY pet should have all the love and attention we can give - for free!

  • Did you know that The Treat Retreat is green? We run COMPLETELY off of our own solar energy. We have a pump in our creek that provides water for irrigating our 30 blueberry bushes, grape vines, garden beds, and greenhouse! We use our goats, Wednesday and Inky, to help us manage the vegetation on the property and provide compost for our gardens.

  • Live in the Nashville area? Transportation is provided between the hours of 9am and 7pm. We will contact you a few days prior to arrival and departure to schedule.

  • The Treat Retreat has it all! We provide bedding, toys, crates, bowls, and treats. You will need to provide your pet's food, collar, and medication. 

The Fine Print

(sorry, have to be a bummer and have rules and stuff)

  • All dogs and cats must be current on vaccines, including DAPPV, Rabies and Bordetella for dogs and FVRCP and Rabies for cats.

  • All vaccines must be given at least 10 days prior to the pet’s stay to ensure they have reached effective levels.

  • If your pet is coughing, sneezing, vomiting, or experiencing diarrhea before his/her stay, we ask that you inform us. For the safety of the other boarding pets, sick pets may not be allowed to come visit us.

  • Puppies must have received at least 3 rounds of vaccines from a vet (breeder vaccines do not count unless they were given by a vet), with the most current series given at least 10 days before their stay. 

  • All pets must be current on a veterinary-approved flea preventative. Tick prevention is optional but highly recommended!

  • Male dogs over the age of 6 months must be neutered in order to play in the home with us. After 6 months of age, male dogs can remain unaltered and board with us, but will be restricted to outdoor playtime only to prevent marking in our home. Dogs in heat are not permitted.

  • For the safety of everyone involved, dogs who are aggressive to people or other animals are not permitted. Dogs who bark excessively or have separation anxiety are not permitted (sorry, but we have to sleep!).

  • Due to the large number of regular clients we have and the limited number of dogs we can care for at a time, we do not accept new clients over some major holidays and spring/fall break. We love having new clients but hate turning our loyal regular pups away!


1 Dog: $45/night

1 Dog: $45/night

Cat boarding: $18/night

Cat boarding: $18/night

2 Dogs: $75/night

2 Dogs: $75/night

Ask about boarding your pocket pets, too!

Ask about boarding your pocket pets, too!

3 Dogs: $100/night

3 Dogs: $100/night

Transportation: $10/trip. Free for Portland residents. No charge for additional pets.

Transportation: $10/trip. Free for Portland residents. No charge for additional pets.

We will be open for boarding but not Drop offs/pick ups on the following holidays:

New Years Day


Memorial Day

Independence Day (4th of July)

Thanksgiving Day 

Christmas Day


We will be CLOSED the following dates for renovations and improvements:

January 28-31, 2019

February 4-7, 2019

Sept 17-30, 2019