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The truth about rescues...
Many of our rescues come from neglectful or abusive situations. They may experience difficulty making the transition into your home. Are you willing to be patient while your dog adjusts to their new home? *
Please be specific as possible!
Are you willing to consult an expert for advice on these issues? *
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If so, please explain
Have you, or anyone in your household, been convicted of an animal related crime or received an animal control violation? *
How many hours per day, on average, will this pet be left alone? *
Do you believe in spaying/neutering? *
What is the average activity level in your home? *
almost done!
Is the whole family in agreement in adopting this pet? *
An immediate health care check is essential for the welfare of the pet. Considering the high cost of vet care ($800-$1000/yr.) are you willing and able to afford the neessary medical care for this pet? *
Will this be your first rescue animal? *
Pet ownership is a serious responsibility. The whole family needs to be involved in this decision. Our policies insure that each person who adopts from us is not only aware of that responsibility, but that each person be willing and able to accept this responsibility morally, physically, and financially. This questionnaire was designed to aid both you and us in determining if you and your family are indeed adequately prepared to assume full responsibility for this animal.
I understand that there will be an adjustment period for this pet, and may take any where from 3 weeks to 3 months for them to adjust *
I agree to properly care for this animal for life *
I understand and agree that if I can no longer properly take care of this animal that it will be returned to The Treat Retreat, and not given away, sold, or re-homed under any circumstance. *
This animal, by law, MUST be relinquished to The Treat Retreat if you or any of your family members can no longer properly care for this animal. Failure to do so will force us to take legal action to retain this animal. By clicking "Yes, I understand and agree" you accept to pay all court fees, legal fees, and time lost compensation, to retain this animal if ever sold, given away, re-homed, or surrendered to an animal shelter.